I miss the old volatile.org too.

I miss when I was single and younger. I now understand the concept of youth being wasted on the
young, although I'm sure a 70-year-old reading this would cackle at me for writing that.

I miss open hours of free time, and thinking, and being quiet. I carve out alone time by training
for sport. Except for swimming and, sometimes, riding the bus, my brain is never fully my own.

I miss when it was a personal website, not a blog, and there were no expectations for what that
meant. I miss the open space before it all became social media. I miss long articles without
bullets and not optimized for anything but interesting reading.

Do I have to put in all the caveats and qualifiers about why, despite all I say above, I am on
most days happier?

So, anyway, not the same, but something I'm doing these days: